Wednesday, May 17

Arwarna and dragon fighting dying nih..uda ngantuk..skr i got new draw an arwarna in freehand sotware..yesterday we got red dragon to draw.and now we maju a bit by drawing an arwarna..damn..others,they got fruits,me, dikasih arwarna ler..haiya..apaan tuh...curang gitu..i put along the pic of the fish so dat u all can see wat im doin..hauha
luckily the assignment is submitted by the end of this session...fiuhh ***
now my lecturer is having his lunch..aiyee...gua juga laper kali..parah bener..and d class goin to fininsh at 3...30 more minutes to go..
i can feel my head very heavy and very sleepy..wanna get some sleep..
time to go now..yeyyyy

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