Monday, May 29

Baby, I'm back...

Wah..finally after few days din do the blogging, coz my mom havent paid the bill,i think theres some wat we called as 'kontak', coz this few weeks me n my sis din really surfin but the bill oredy 800 thousand, can u think how come can be like dat?
ehm..i understand dat dis week u all have ur hard time..but me too, i have to pass up 3 assignmnents..haiya..after worked so hard last nite..finally i finished all,im hoping today wont be assignment.hehe today we will learn new software which is Fireworks.huahhh...but now 12 oredy,the lecturer still hasnt come.apa dah jadi nih..
smua yang lagi final week, try ur best yah,bersusah2 dahulu bersenang2 kemudian..after all these, u all deserve long long holiday.and the happiest thing is dat i can meet u all..sepi nih disini,cepet pulang smua nya..
oh ya,let me tell u all my joourney dis saturday..haha sebenenya sih cuma ke Puncak.So i start my story...we went from jakarta at 5 in d afternoon, actually we scared if there was traffic jam coz as u all know,itu kan daerah macet apalagi weekend..but thans to our God,the way to Puncak was very lancar, without any traffic.Oh ya,btw,its only 3 of us, me, Cephy and my cousin,Harry.So along the road,we had a chat,discissed lots of topics.But as usual, I fell asleep while in the way..then we reached there around 7, but it was rainin dat time,so cold...but the air dere was very fresh..really refreshiing..then we took our dinner at Amen,long time never eat dere.we ordered to fu,gurame and wong san..wahh delicious ler...the food were all served warmly while we ate in cold weather,can u imagine..hehe..after dat we went to cephy's villa,which is in Kota Bunga..
The interesting part is,in her villa,she has ehm wat we call in english yah 'ayunan'? yah.she has ayunan in front of her villa,and d spot is very when we sit there we can see the suurounding.cephy told me dat its her favourite spot to merenung her life and her problems and all..and it is,it is a very gud spot.we naik ayunan.3 of us,chatting and took photos.after 1 hour(i think), we went to puncak pass Villa.Inside dere,theres a restaurant or maybe cafe with incredible view..very nice,we can see the city from there,as it was night,we can see the little lights,like stars.. :) we ate cemilan dere, pancake and 1 gorengan(dun know wats the name) but it was delicious...after chat and eat dere,1 hour,then we decided to went back..
ya,its a short journey,but its really berkesan...really refreshing my mind,wash away my 'pening kepala'...hihihi wat a wonderful saturday...
and on sundae,1 whole day i did my assignments after refreshin..
and now,here i am in d class,oh ya the lecturer has come oredy.and guess who..its d same lecturer who teaches us freehand.the one dat i said has the same look like the japanese actor..scary..ahaha
btw i put along the picture of pink roses..i bought dat yesterday in d market..bagus yahh...

ok people,work hard,work smart and enjoy aja while u al doin ur work...

miss u all here


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