Thursday, May 25


anyonghaseooooo,,, finally said my national language,,, wakakakkakaka,,, no la,, im pure indonesian,,,, we have to be proud of our country wat, no matter what happen,,,,, haehiaehie,,

btw,, this morning got a small suprise,,,, i came to illustration class this morning, with a lots of fear, bcause i havent do even a piece of paper of the illustration assignment, huhuhuhuh,,, so tired to do, so not in the mood,,, then,,,, suddenly, a lots of my classmates are still standing outside, i wonder why? bcause usually this lecturer never do late... she always will come first in the morning to kill the late student,,,,

after a quite long waiting, somebody came to us, then do us a favour to open the class,,, then we're going in,, the class smells so bad, like a hard toxic inside,, no no,,, then some black creature running, and crawling out of the window, it's the catttttttttt.,,,,, just wonder how can a cat crawl then go into the class which is in 3rd level??? hummm,, kinda smart rite?!??!?somebody at the back shout,,, hiiiiiiii,, siao pieeeeeeeeeeeen,, wakakakkaka,,, then at the bottom of a chair??? guess what we've found? wjakakakka,,,

and the best part is, today's class is canceled... well its not actually that good la, because the replacement is on satruday, but in the other hand, i have to go to ER rite... luckily there were still monday's class,, so yaaaaaaaa,,,, i think i gotta do the monday class loooooh,,,

how r u guys doin? missin the fun part together,,, haeiheieh,,, well this week been so hard for us rite? but at least we finally could passed it well riteeeeeeeee.... congratss to alll of us!!! cheers... ei ya,,, kapan2 ada free time, pegi minum sake yoooooooooooo,,,, to celebrate our final weeks,,, ahehahahhah,,,,,

gw lagi di lab comp ne skarnag, lipink kasian daritadi ketemu komputer ga bener mulu,, huhuhu,,,, btw, tukang sewa mobil gw ud telp2 dari kmaren, lupa transfer mulu,,, huhuh sorry mr.limm,,gonna pay u today for sureeeee,,, wakakakak,,,

o iy, kejadian tolol lagi, masa kemaren, on our way to sunway, we pass like 2 lebuhraya rite? then we've to pay RM 1... hahaha.. i gave lipink a piece of RM 10,,,, dunno why she thought that it was a piece of RM 1,,,, so,,, she go straight away after the gate is open,,, wkakakakakka,, tululllllll2...,

ud ah, ud diliatin orang gw daritadi,,, ga tao knapa jg,,, wakakkakaka,,, ud yyyyyy,, dadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah smua,, see ya in the next blog,,,
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  • At May 25, 2006 1:50 PM, Blogger C'Tephen said…


    eii no more time for fun until Monash student finish the exam okay??

    thx for your understanding.

    good for you, good for me, good for us.

    GBU all.


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