Saturday, May 6

blissful life

ehem2,,, how to make this thing work? xcuse mee xcuse me peopleeee,,, hahah,, i need at least 10 min to find out where to click and make this thing work,,, at first i think this blog will turns out childish,,haha, but then find it quite interesting when people sharing their lifestory to be readable by many people,,, ei,, it's possible that our lifestory bless others, right guys?!?!?

ahhahaa,,, well then, im currently trying to do best in life neeee,,, but dunno how to do,, kayany kok lama2 kata2 ny tinggal kata2 doang,, habis ternyata bener, the true fight is not with another things else, the true fight is with ourself,,, wuwuwuuw,, be motivated peoplell!!!

besides i should've thankful for everyhting, arent we guys!? living in this beautiful happy story life, able to get in to this university, have a chance to meet u guys,,, wewewewe,,, but trulyyyy im really blissful lhooo rite nowww,, punya temen2 gila kaya lo smua nyaaaaaaaa,,, pokoknya cumbum never die de y!!! hohohoho,,,
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  • At May 06, 2006 1:49 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Dun worry cum... practice makes perfect, people need to learn things to be able to step forward... isnt that true?!

    Btw cum, can u pls define the word 'blissful' for me?! The only bliss I know is the place i used to hangout... without knowing whats the meaning of it...
    So please do help me ... :P


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