Wednesday, May 24


helohelooooooo peoplee around the nettt!!! welcomeee back to the lovely gilisampengland,,, land of beautiful people,,, like me... wakakakakakaka,, haiyooooo,,, what r u talkin abouttttt,,,,,

to be honest, i dunno what to write at this moment, only want to drop some short short stories for u guys, hope that this will relieve the stress,,, everyone who's in the middle of assignment time crisis,,, cheers!!!

let me begin my story withh,, what ya? oooo,,,, my morning sickness,,, heheh,, actually im trying to get up earlier as possible, cause as u all know, these weeks have been tremendously exhausted for all of us,,, a lot of things to do,,,, and everytime i get my self to rest, or to sleep,,, the guilty feeling always come and haunted,,, huhuhuh,, so sadd,, i wanna sleeeeeeepppp,,,, sleep sleep sleep syalallala,,, haeihe,,, so as like this morning, wake up at 10, but officially wake up at 10.30... ehhe,,, i push myself to get away from the bed, i should have class today at 2 pm, and there's this creepy pacakging to make, i havve to show some progression, but the plastic turns into a mess already, senge senge sana sini,, ban cheong kaliiii!!! haizzzzz!!! then i should do retouch for the photo, which i want to print today,,, huhuhuhuhuhu,,,

but the real problem is, im really23x not in the mood to do the stuff todayyyyy!!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuuhu,,, so everytime i touch the things, its like they were trying to harm me,, hahaha,, thats hiperbola,,, peopleeeeeeeeee!!! i hate for being push to do soemthing that i dun like to dooooooooooooooooooo,,, its just the wrong timinggggg,,, why there should be deadline? anywayyy,,, this post should be relieving stress,,, ooopssssss,, sorry2,, change topic,,,

thennnn,,, i decided to ponteng from the class,, go sunway for printing, guess whatttttttttttttttttttttt???? i got an accident,,, my car was hit by a truck,,, o nooooo!!!! but still have to thankful for everyting that happens right? so thxxx,,, mr. truck driverrrr,,, btw, learned somethng from it, i know more about malaysian traffic regulation, and this one add something for my road safety booklet,,, thxxx!!! try this, think positive in every circumstances, there are always good thiing behind every bad thing,,,,

finallly2,, this one is my favourite line...... we eat!!!!!!! we go to dapur nsuantara, for having our ludinner,,,, btw, food review, nasi goreng kambing taste good, then the sotoo pun sedap,,, but i dun like nais goreng nusantara,,, sorry peeeeen,, haeiehieh,, then the ikan pedas pun sedap pula,, oooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,, really stress killer, eating!!! agegeeg

o ya the best part of today is,,, still thankful for having friends,,, from today's story, found out that there still people around u,,, to support and give their best help,,,, thx for yola for coming over at the police station! thx for binyo for accompanying us during the crisis moment,,,, >.< thx forrrrr tepen, for the calming words,,, and thx for k eddy,,,,,,, most of all, thx for everyone,,,, so happy and glad that im still having u all here,,,,,, :)

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  • At May 24, 2006 3:56 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    kok ga thx to me?! for doin nothing LOL

  • At May 24, 2006 6:58 AM, Blogger C'Tephen said…

    Thx for ur understanding. I have tried my best to help you'll yesterday, but i don't have an idea. Sorry guys... i just learn to be more gentle.

    Good for you, good for me, and good for us.

    God Bless You all.

    Pandu perlahan, jangan ngerem deket2, nyetir jangan dibawa perasaan. kalo perasaan lagi pengen deket2 sama orang2 jangan di disalurkan dengan cara ngerem deket2... hihihi alhasil, you know lah...

    ups... i'm not judging, just to warn...


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