Friday, May 19


morning morning peopleeeee,,, just got back from the campus, actually its just a short break, got another class at 2 pm,,, huhuhu,, but i really need to get back the energy and the excitement,,,,

yesterday was very frustating,,, i got this illustration task, a very frustating story board, o nooo!!!! we have 2 assignment that need to be done in week 15 means, 2 weeks again from now, the first assignment was quite ok, eventually i find it quite interesting, when i do those work, i even thought that illustration was kinda interesting and fun, but for this workkk,, huhuhuhuhuhuhu,,, wanna tear of the papers,,, no nonon, really frustating kind of work,, i have to redo almost 3 times, and the deadline is so close until i wanna stop the time if i could,,, huhuhuhuhu,,, the mood is just not there,,, i dont any courage to do the correction,,, and when u trying to draw something in this kind of condition, everything seems the same, big hand, short leg,,, doesnt look like its out of place,,, hahahah,,, ei ya, just figure something out,

it means, when God creating us, he create us in a very good mood ya,,, i cant imagine if he's not,,, haieheihei,,, thank u God!!!!

o ya,, considering this is the pressuring weeks for all of us,,, just rememberr!!! good things always come in the end!!! okokokokoko???!?!! have a blessing day!! ciao,,,
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