Monday, May 8


wah...finally...guys..u know wat.. after spending 2 days try to find out wat's my password is,for this blog..uda masukin username nya..ternyata gua salah masukin nama usernamenya..itu aja tao dr thanx to mr first i felt dat this blog is very 'engga bgt'..tapi stl membaca post2 dr lo org...guess wat? it made me smile and laugh..and made me realize,how i really miss u pinky,cum cum,a yu,mamiku,titin,hanhan and my pen pen....pgn bgt ke kl.

.guys,sumthin to ni gua akhirnnya bisa merasakan kembali apa yg gua rasakan pagi di gereja, ga tao napa n gemana, i feel like Tuhan sekali lagi menegur dan memberi kesempatan ke gua utk jadi lebih deket lagi sama Dia..He never leaves us watever things we've matter wat..
wat a blessin Sundae... :) hows urs, guys?

oh pagi gua ajak a bo jalan pagi loh...trus masa yah dia ketemu anjing malah ngajak anjing lain berantem pula..trus lawannya tuh abis makan biskuit,n ga tao gemana itu anjing ngileran kali yah,n meneteskan ludahnya ke sekujur kepala a bo..parah..alhasil a bo kotor,bau dan berlendir..ahuaua..kocak deh....heheduh..

besok senen..have to start evrything from day 1...haish...hehe but aniwei, cant wait the surpise that God will give to me for tomorrow..krn menurut gua,tiap ari Tuhan plan-in something happen buat kita so dat make us learn n understand...just can't wait..

.btw, besok gua mao ke acara potong tumpeng nih...huahuha pembukann toko sodara gua.mao berangkatnay pagi bgt lagi..abis itu langsung ke kelas..doh doh doh..btw ngomongin kelas..gua pgn cpt2 leave this town and start my new life di nz nih..yahh to be frankly,ga betah ah disini..hehe..ditmbh gua liat poto2 lo org..making kangen nih..hikz...

btw itu poto,taken maren di ex..maren wastin my time there..loiterin around,bersosialisasi..hauhaua

kayganya ampe sini dolo deh blog fr the day...will be updated tomorrow...

miss u guys...
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  • At May 08, 2006 5:02 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Congrats ceceh, finally u can join and start posting! even there was a silly technical mistakes that u've done kekekek

    Well, I just wanna say that God always do something everyday in your life, even if its a small things. He works in a very unusual way which we would realise until He let us know. Even if we are still a sinner, we keep doing things that He doesnt want us to do, but still HE WONT LEAVE US!

    So dont be sorry too much if U ever feel like you have been far away from Him. He would let us do sins and seems to be leaving God's path... but behind all those things, I believe that He wants us to learn everything from it. He wants us to realise how it feels when we are loosing Him.

    But at the end of the day, you will realise that the best path is in the way of the Lord. He lets us to keep falling, but everytime you rise up back you will realise what God has done in your life and it will feel like when you first receiving His true love.

    So dont give up and dont be stubborn, He wants you to open your heart. Keep praying for your family and BELIEVE in your mind that He will save the whole family, because both of you have been put for a reason. Let you and your sisters be the way for your family to walk in the truth. Amen!


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