Tuesday, May 9

memorable nasi itik

hahaha,, todayyyy,,, today was a very exhausting day actually,,, i've got to go to KL, need to bought something for my photography assignment,,, huxhuhuhuhu,,,, panas gileeeeeee,,, we're leaving sunway around 12pm when the sun were placed directly above our head,,, uhuyyyyyy,,, it was just a sweaty day,,, huhuhuy,,,

we started our journey with a quick visit to 'ngubek2' one of the store in petaling street,,, wa,,, found quite lots of nice and cheap things,,, then,,, we started to feel really hungry like we can eat a kuda at that time,,, hahaha,, then we eat the famous itik rice,,, waaaa really "greattttttt"!!!

the sun was shining so bright, making us keep loosing our energy, but i dunno why, i just enjoy every trip to market, to 'pasar' like this china town, i just like the situation, when i can found a lot of non ordinary thing which is only can be seen in pasar... air mata kucing,,, then kue moci,,, huuuuumm, just taste yum yum! o ya,, r u guys still remember our trip to pinenk last sem? >.< mizzin that timeee,,,

the next desttination after china town is the sungei wang shpping area,, gile,,, mostly when we shop, we enjoy our time right? enjoy every minute of picking up the stuff,, but this aint happen this time,, o noooo,,, i gotta do finding plenty stuff in a very limited time,, and seems that i gotta say sorry to burunkkkk!! sori y lexx,, 4 waiting with a lot of patient,, hahaa but anyway, i find it interesting,, the activity of ngubek2 cheap stuff in SW,,, mau lagi ahh!! :)

then thennn,,, finally go back to sunway,, tapi ga lupa, pake acara nyasar dolo bebeh2,,, nyasar ke tempat jual buah di jalan pasar itu, inget ga c? titik menyesatkan,,, but anywayyy,, learn many things today, see many things today,, people tense to be more sensitive when they're exhausted, so the thing when some say "think with a cool head" it's really true,, just take a moment to relax urself b4 u think something crucial,,,

btw,,, where's tinktonk???
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  • At May 09, 2006 12:04 PM, Blogger C'Tephen said…

    mana picnyaaahhhh?? kata Lipink dagingnya alot... huh./.. boong...

  • At May 09, 2006 12:58 PM, Blogger lies said…

    hah..nyasar lagi ke tmp buah itu..tp emang jalan situ tuh membingungkan..gua aja yg uda 3 taon ga apal2 ..haha....nasi itk dimana?u shud bring me threr next time yah..


  • At May 09, 2006 1:57 PM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    "then we eat the famous itik rice,,, waaaa really greattttttt!!!"

    What do u mean by "greatttt"??? Hahaha cuma mo bikin kita sirik ya padahal kaga enak sama sekali wakakka makan tu itik :P

    aniwei tinktonk kayanya lom punya internet, dia kan baru pindahan... so just wait for her ...

    Oiya picnya mana?! awas lo! U'll get the penalty! >:(


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