Friday, May 12


hulowhulow everyone,,,,, finally one day passed,,, then i gotta say that i've learned things today,, see and feel things that passing through, give me an opportunity to learn,,,

today,, begin with a very what to called ya?! exhausting? or what? my entire body feels pain, esp at the joints dunno why,, well anyway,, this day was not so good day,,, i go to college for attending the illustration class teached by foon,, a middle age woman, with a very strict way of teaching,,, really pressuring subject for this semester, bcause of a lots of exercise to do every week, not like the past illustration teacher, which can be said as mmm,,, what ya,,, ga penting teacher who always be very "talkative", very2 talkative until able to talk without direction from a to z,, from important things until unimportant then go to annoying things,, haiehie,,, uupsssss,, tak boleh cakap macam niii,, whieahie soriii,,,

then,,, cause i gotta go back soon, i sign out b4 the class ended, cause i gotta do things for my photography session,, huxuhxuhxu,, it means, i gotta have a replacement class on mondayyyy,,, can u imagine,, i attend the whole class from 9.30 to almost 1 today,,,, then bcause i cannot wait for the markering lecturer,,, then i have to attend the whole class againnn,,, huhuhuh,,, maybe its better for not going from the beginning,, hhh,,, thasts ok la,,, im very diligent student rite?! wkakakak,, talk to the hand,,,

going back to home, with an unstable feelings, making me have to feel the emotional experiences today,, haha,, the worst part was, i cried in the car,,, what a miserable things, but really i dont know what to do at that moment, its like very trembling inside,, like want to explode,,, then all the sudden, the tears came out, wkakakka,,, sorry 2 lipink ya,,,

aduh cape ni nulis pake bahasa inggris, kaya ny kurang kena,,, haha,, btw,, hari ini cerita gw kok panjang amat ya booo,, bole ni jadiin novel, perjalanan seorang anak singkong di kota besar,, hahaha,, then then,,, aduh gw ga tau d,, cuman sgalanya feels not rite aja today,, trus pas mo mulai persiapan2 foto, tiba2 kostumnya ketinggalan, gw lari2 pulang lagi buat ambil tu baju, uuuh gila, panas nya matahari cyber mann hari ini,,, gile,, keringet netes de tu segede2 delima set,, panas bener,,, ada telor jg maeng kale di pala,,, intinya ---> cape <---

tapi abis selse,, lega lu gilaaaa,, gw seneng aja, entah knaapa, ya hasil fotonya ok kok,, thx to chiz for being so cooperative!!! (untung kantong plastiknya bisa diambil y ciz?!) haiehie,, seneng gila gw,, bisa selse,, dan all the bad emotion which i felt this morning were suddenly gone,, ternyata bener ya, kesibukan seseorang kadang tu bisa bikin smua hal jadi lebi stabil, dan lebih terarah,, so,, peoplee!! anywhere who have lots of things to do! be greatful u still can feel that, its really better than doing nothing,,,

o iya,, hari ini kita makan di uptown, near damansara, its a place like food court,, located in the back of an office building i think, but very close to their parking lot,,, theres uptown food court,, there were a lot of stall, sold many variety of food, from eastern to western,, these were my first visit, also for pink! and yuyu! wa,, but then the environment is a bit scary, dunno, a lots of unknown type of people, quite scary, annd the food was not to nice, thx to the seafood stall,,, now i've experience eating balitong.... wonder what is balitong? then come to KL,,, hahaha,,, (we've decided to put this uptown to our black list) hohoho,, too bad.,,,

hehe,, i just enjoy this evening,,, just love the unity,,, thx guys,, really enjoy spending time together with u all,,,

eh forgot something, i drive home today from sunway,,, sorry and thanks to pink 4 the opportunity,,, but then, human gotta learn right,, practice makes perfect,,, still unstable lots of things to work on,,, thats why people said "jam terbang".., well then,, want to keep on practicing,,, so help me kay pink,, sorry for the unstableness (is it a correct word, but u know what i mean la) heaheihiehie,,, sorry!!! and thx!

well then, the end of story,, last word,,,,,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ARMI LO!!!! keep on trying to enjoy doing whatever we have to do! just remember, the best will come with a very good practice and patience,,, we have to keep supporting each other kay?!??! love u all!!!
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  • At May 12, 2006 5:35 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Well, well, well... that's life ...
    But hey, just to remind u, u can always talk to any of us rite?! At least, we can be a good listener :)

    And also, dont worry, just put all your sorrows and joy in the right box that God gave you (refer to my blog about God's Boxes)

  • At May 12, 2006 1:03 PM, Blogger YoLa said…

    CUM! gua pngen liat lu nangis ne,,,
    hauauhaahua,,,, eh betul tuh si yuyu,, kan ada kita,,
    ntw klo lg di cyber kan jauh ni kita,, itulah gunanya si LIPINK,,, gyahahaah,,, aniwe,, be STRONG!!

  • At May 12, 2006 4:48 PM, Blogger C'Tephen said…

    hadoh2... g sampe ngebaca sambil ngebayagin cuma di depan komputer ngoceh2... haha... khas sekali lo punya tulisan. sempet aj ne nge comment ginian padahal assignment marketing is waiting fo me to bw done.

    kay kay...

    Cum... u need what people called "time management and priority" let's talk about it later on in the blog...

    bile2 mase saye dapat menulis yaa...

  • At May 12, 2006 11:47 PM, Anonymous ceceh said…

    hey i late to post teh comment here?
    yah cum...tiap org pasti melewati masa itu lah (maksud gua yg sibu,trus jd ga kekontrol), bahkan stiap hr, stiap detik bahkan..kita dikasi pilhan bagaimana utk mengatasinya...well, its gud dat that happened, so that u knew and u'll learn to be better..yah..gua juga bermasalah ama masalah me too try my best to change..inget..ini smua proses yg dikasi Tuhan for us to be better..oce oce...
    lo nangis? gua ga pernah liat..pasti pink kaget deh lo tiba2 berdrama2 ria..hahah..cumm cayang, be strong yah

  • At May 13, 2006 6:00 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Cengeng banget sih loe com!!!
    Kayak cewek ajah ... wakakakak
    Ga denk :P mana crita2 donkkkkkkk
    somse loeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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