Wednesday, May 17

not sure about what i feel and who i am

hellow people,,, today i really not sure about what i feel,, well, let me just start my story from the very beginning of today,,, its been like my 'almost' last week for school, which means lots of things to do, deadline heading over everywhere as i can see,, huhuhu,, so damn scared of it,,,

this morning, i got a sociollogy class, class that we only sit for nothing, we got this so-called 'weekly test' but the lecturer even write the answer on the board,, can u imagine,, hahah,, very very nice test today,, but then the lecturer is a very nice person, so not much complain from us,,,

then finsih around 12 heading straight to sunway for eating,, we had our lunch with epi, then after the session of lele basi, we push and keep begging epi for accompany us to KL,,, we need to go to china town, to find some costumes and accesories,, hmm,, for me,,, i always love this situation, love a place where i can see a lots of things,,, from clothes, pirated cd, even snake is there,,, but seems that epi hahaha,, had quite 'hard' times to enjoy the moment, since he got nothing to do in here, and we walk like almost 4 hours in the chinatown, bet he felt so tired and exhausted.... sorry and thx y piii!!! the worst thing is,, he have to lend us some money there,, hahaa,, since we both run out of cash in our wallet,, poor epiii!!! haihiehiehiehie,,,,

from KL, and after ride a new sunway pyramid arcade called "epi's dangerous ride".... hahaha.. we arrived at garuda, supposed to be the garuda famous indonesian restaurant, but then, i guess they only took the name, since the food is not that good,,, but most of the indonesian, being crazy when they heard bout garuda,, hahaha,,, poor us.., we had finish eating, then we go to pyramid, epi had to do something in the office,,, wew,,, this is the first time, i enter sunway ice rink,,, the interior is quite nice i think,,, guess what? i never do any skate on ice b4,, believe me? but that's for real,,, haha,,,

i dunno why on the way back to our lovely cribs at cyberjaya,, i dunno why i start to feel, what ya,, unstable feelings,,, like feeling needing something to comfort me, but i dunt even know what's the reason,, i feel like a hollow,, like i wanna slip into the blanket, sobs in my pillow, im not sure about whats happening to me,

like for now, i even realize that i keep changing my moods, i can be easily feel so full of joy, full of laugh, but then suddenly i can feel like full of tears, full of emptiness inside,, now im thinking, which one is truly my personality?/ then i remember,, back then, not so long ago, when our church held a programme called CGP,,, this program is about getting to know about ur personality, getting to know about ur potential that maybe hiding inside u,,, yuyu and tepen can easily guess what type of pesonality that lipink has, but then, when it came to the question, which one is mine? they answered that they were not sure about what type am i.,, and i just wonder, could it be that what i feel rite now its just a normal thing that easily happen to type of people like me? or is it anything else?

rite now what i think i need the most is a cup of tea, fluffy chair inside of a serene ambience and had a conversation with a person that can tell me what i feel at the moment, then help me to figure out, what is should do,,,,

am i drowning to much into a melancolic side of mine?
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  • At May 17, 2006 10:27 PM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    nah... cum...
    u are still good ...
    I think u are type of melanguin
    or more of penguin i suppose LOL :P

  • At May 17, 2006 11:24 PM, Blogger lies said…

    cum..ehm..i think kayagnya lo lagi byk tugas n jadi happens..actually u shud enjoy this feeling of 'kesibukan' becoz...when u are rite me at d moment..u will miss those feeling, believe me..i keep searching for dat 'busy' feeling..try to keep me busy,doing things, but there are none as best as busy feeling in uni time... :)
    ehm..i think u r drown in ur melancholic side of, dun think too much..
    sharing aja kalo da apa2..we r here baby...


  • At May 18, 2006 12:18 AM, Blogger pinkkooo said…

    dun worry darl..everything gonna be okay..u'll b fine..
    gw rasa si krn assignment2 lo n deadline2 yg dah dkt..mang week ini kan u told me..jalanin aj..yahhhh beib?!
    jez try ur best.. =)
    sori ya if i'm not gud enuf to comfort n bwat lo feel better..
    F.R.O.G remember?! Fully Rely on God..
    b gud n b strong darl..lurv ya..

  • At May 18, 2006 2:33 AM, Blogger C'Tephen said…

    SELAMAT DATANG di pendewasaan diri seorang Alice Dwiyani. Tepatnya Alice in maturation land... kok kaya Alice in wonderland ya?? bodo la... yg pasti setelah mature, lo bakal ngerasa di wonderland...

    remember last time we went to MingTien? yg pake acara tiup balon dulu. Sebelom g sms lo, g ampir mo gila, untung d Lipink ato lo nelpon g... phuhh... kalo nga gue bakal cemas se cemasnya... untung g orang intim, kalo nga mungkin g dah do "stupid" thing...

    dah yg penting thx to you all... without you all, gue mungkin bakal ngerasa kesepian... ughh... Lonely? not really la... later i'll share with u all.

    buat Cumi... keep on going... udah nonton Poseidon kan? kaya orang2 Poseidon tuh... find the way till out... so jangan pernah menyerah, benernya every problem can be solve if you keep solved it. But if you run from the problem, it will run along with you... yuhu... so solve it...


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