Sunday, May 7

truly madly deeply friendship

huloohulohuloooww guyss,,,missing u guys like we've never met each others for years,,hehehe,,, eventough its probably just a few hours ago,,, lipink,, tepen, yuyu, yola,,, huuuuhuhuhuh,,,,, and my deary sistah far away in jakarta elies,,,,,

life would just empty without u guys,,, accept for christ ya,,, you guys were my scond streght to conquer the world,, cuitcuitttttttttt,,, tapi bener loooo,,, we couldnt live without a friend,,, riterite??!

pokokny,, saturday n sunday tu hari merdeka gw de,, bukan hari merdeka lebi tepatnya hari full of happiness,, pergi ke gereja,,, ketemu orang2 uuuuu inddahnya,,, wakakka,,, just feeling so happy when we all together, talking craps, joking around like a moroon,, haha,,, then sharing our problems togetherrr,,,

kaya sabtu kemarne, walaupun pegi nya akhirnya ke restoran india ga jelas,,, but i still have fun,,, heiehie,,, dunno why just love the togetherness,,, o iy,,,, buat pecinta sweet talk di jalan tongshin,KL, the place is already closed ya,,, fyi,,,

i do hope that this togetherness will last,,, and dont let anything tores us apart,, cieee cie ciecie,,,

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  • At May 08, 2006 4:31 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Indian mamak!!! What a saturday!
    Though it sounds lame, but at least
    we learned about something rite?!

    We can see a Good and a Sincere services
    that the owner gives for the customers.
    And that is a good thing to be learnt and to be done especially in our minisries.

    I hope that kind of people will get their rewards and have a sucess life. Amen ...


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