Monday, May 15

unforgetable SUNDAE

Mondae,15 May 05
really tiring mondae..u know wat, yesterday i have full-day went out,jalan until my legs ga da rasa oredy, and again, my pinggang very bery sakit bouuuu...ngantuk lagi ..coz last saturday i slept at 3 morning and i had o wake up at about 8 to go to church.after finihed from church was about 12 and then ko epi called me and he said goin to picke me to support our DADDY yang mao kotbah di Abbalove i rushed my self to go back home and cooked super mie and in a rush eat my lunch.Not loong after dat,they came..

When i opened the door of the car, guess wta, who did i see??? KO ED.... so happy to see him..its seems like i'm in KL hauahu sorry for very hiperbola..coz i was very happy ..really reallly happy..and we entered the room,wah very crowded,full of youths (binus students) and they all looked very happy and full of energy like they r ready to go to war (sorry for the hiperbola thing)..

and again yesterday at church,i mean abbalove greenville, i can hear ko ed's kotbah, which i really miss, his semangat waktu menyanyi, loncat2 nya,gelagat2 nya yg lucu and his humorous kotbah..wah..i DID enjoy dat. wah pokoknya I CAN'T DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I WAS feels like iam back to ISCF :) :) :) duh pokoknya senengggg bgtttt...

and then after finished the kebaktian, ko ed had to go again to Kosambi to have another kebakktian to attend..oh ya,forget to mention dat yesterday, i went out with ko ed, ko epi, eddy ooi and endruw..dun u realise that all of our name starts with 'E' ..hehhe lanjut yah..ko ed then went to kosambi with endruw and me n ko epi and ko darwin ke ta..jjalan2 ga jelas..
then we caught a taxi to TA, sesampenya disono,as usual,ko epi being congo uhauha...dia ajak ke food court tuk makan all d food dat he miss,katanya uda lama ga me n ko darwin accomanied him loh..we eat siomay,otak2,pempek..haiya..kasian org malaysia... :P and then ko Gunardi and Ci Lina from abbalove nyusul,then we had a chat and just sat at the foodcourt waiting ko ed and others to come..haiay wait so long lah..from 5 wait til tao mao pain,so we decided to walk around all d floors from the UG ampe 4TH FLOOR...can u imagine..cape kali..ditamabh ngantuknya bukan main ampe diledekin ama smuanya katanya mata gua tinggal 5 watt..(ga penting d kayagnya) lanjtu yah..trus kita puter2 akhirnya krn kita ber5 cape ya udah kita stop and sat at dunkin donuts to drink and wait for ko ed's call..wait till we dunno wat to do..parah and FINALLY..ko ed called us..and he said he wanted to eat HOKA HOKA BENTO..yah so we all go to the 4th floor and waited there loh..

time for dinner,actually i din feel like eating..still full soalnya disodokin makanan mulu..all d foods are ran out oredy coz its oredy 9 we ate wat left..after dat we ate together sambil ngobrol2 n ketawa2..hehe really had great time...and we ate until 10 like dat and we had to separate.Ko ed went back with endruw..Ooi went back with ko Darwin and I went back with ko Epi and his cousin,called Ming2 and his girlfriend..

Haiya,nasib org yg numpang begini loh...MIng2 n his gf wanted to go to PM Cafe lagi..die lohhhh..uda tinggal 5 watt,hrs kesono lagi..yahh ya sudah lah..wat can i say...then we just chat and drank..just for ur information, PM Cafe's Drinks all have their unique 'oh blonde! ' 'extravaganza' and many more lah fo the 3 of them started to choose and guessed which drink is enak..i just chose lime mao pusing deh..MIng have to order 2 drinks as the first drink iwas very lauzy..hauhaua but Ming's gf very lucky,whenever she came there and chose the drink,she always get the delicious one..hehe ehm i had great time there, the suasana very nice, had the singer,under the full moon,felt very romantic..hauha...

after 12 we decided to go back..imm very tired like hell i arrived home and after washed my face and changed my cloth, i straigntaway 'tumbangkan' my self at my cozy bed and sleep like a pig..hahah..and dream dream dream.... :)

yahh dats the story for yesterday loh..

guys..u know wat, today at class,we will start new lesson as we already finished potoshop we will learn freehand..u know wat, to my surprise,our lecturer..the face..looks the same to one of actor at 'GOD GIVE ME MORE TIME' JAPANESE u all know the movie.our lecturer,called him 'xx' (can't write his name out,coz he's walking front and back now) looks like the guy who has the HIV in d movie ( to me, the face is veru ugly and scary..haha..bukannya gua bener2 mirip) thers a second i though dat he is the one who had the role..hauaua too bad i dun have his pick..later lah i will try to curi to snap his face and put it here..ok? hauha

ok..class finished..has to go back now...adios

miss u
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  • At May 15, 2006 6:27 PM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Wow.. your Bahasa really2 makes my eyes become 5 watt juga... very campur2 one like nasi campur...

    Quote: "When i opened the door of the car, guess wta, who did i see??? KO ED.... so happy to see him..its seems like i'm in KL hauahu sorry for very hiperbola.."

    You were so senang becoz of Ko Ed or Ko Ep??? Wakakakak dont be pura2 one lah... I know that you tak cakap the truth one ! hihihi wew I'm already talking like you... very campur2 one also ... aiyah very confusing lah, so ngantuk now ZzzzZZZZzzz ... Peace out!!!!!!!!

  • At May 15, 2006 11:04 PM, Anonymous so kan ciung said…

    whaa... so senang ha zai intunesia, wo disini so many tugas la... u all sangat pu hau eeee... tak mengajak us cou2... buah tangan also dont puunya... how la... cieeeehhhhh pely2 lomantik suasana ohhhhh.... ca cam...

    da akhz...



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