Friday, May 19


alow low pren...i had bad day..ehmm..cant be described as 'bad' just dat last nite after went back from ta, maybe i 'masuk angin' then i feel really sick,panas , dingin inside outside (hahah apa coba) made me cant do anything..actually i had to do my assignment, (the arwarna and 1 more video to do)but because teh situation tida memungkinkan,so i slept at 10..pagi bgt yah..then at 12 i woke up, keringet dingin nih..panik mode : on..but i wan too sick to get up and get me panadol..i tried to sleep again.after awhile,cannot tahan oredy, i forced myself to woke up and minum obat...

went back to my bed, but i cudnt sleep, still headache and panas dingin..paksa myselp to sleep again but cannot, so i decided to call my sis,pipinkku cayang..and we had quite long talk ( sorry mom for the bill ) yah..we chat from north to south, from west to east..wah..miss her so much..cant wait till june...she's coming back... :)

after talk quite long, i feel tired and suddenly i dunno wat time,i fell asleep..

the next morning, i woke up bcoz of message... (haiay,,ngagetuin bt,lagi tdur enak2).my body still for today i din go anywhere (not even for tuition), guai guai do my homework... :) then at nite, my friend ask me out for a dinner i went out for dinner...nih,br pulang..

ehm..plan for tomorrow..rencannanya mao ntn da vinci code..wah already 3 weeks gua ga ntn loh..sebel deh..krn ex slalu rame,jdnya ga dpt tiket trus..hopefully tomorrow we can get the tickets :)

ok lah, wanna lanjut my tugas...

Gilisampeng-ers...c u soon...

miss u all

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