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Love letter from Sang Doo and Eun Hwan

Guys I just watched Korean drama titled ‘SangDoo, Let’s Go to School’, the actor is Rain and the actress, er, I dun know the name actually. Above is the pic of the main character..
Yeah, it’s a sad drama but it has a happy ending. "Sad" here means the storyline is really tragic and ehm, yah, can be said make u so-called ‘geram’…
To summarize, the story is about a couple who has loved each other since they were young. The guy, called Sang Doo, always express that he likes Eun Hwan (The girl’s name),but Eun never express what she feels to Sang Doo, she keeps hide her feeling, but somehow, Sang Doo knows how Eun feels for him and know that they have each other.
Sang Doo is adopted by a rich family, in the other hand Eun grows in a poor family background. But these never been a problem to Sang Doo.The conflict is not this. Apparently Euns mom borrows money and she cant pay, and the neighbors come to their house and just take everything that can payback the debt. To Eun, they can take everything except I, which is her old father’s gramophone. But,sumone took it and theres a fight between Eun and the guy (who took the gramophone).Of course, seeing that scene, Sang Doo take action.He kejar the guy and had a fight, until he killed the man by drowning him into a river (if u wanna know how, just borrow the DVD from me,hahaha)
Yah, sad story, because of that his family cant accept what he did, so he has to stay away from his family. But God is good; he is adopted by an old uncle. But they live in very poor condition.
Eun and Sang Doo are separated, they never meet each other again for 10/15 years, although Eun write him a letter everyday, still she get no info bout Sang Doo. Yah to shorten d story, Sang Doo is cheated by a girl named "Sera" she got pregnant and said to Sang Doo that it’s his child and Sang doo believer her.Bori born, she is really cute (too bad I cant show Bori to u all), because his economy situation is really bad,so he force himself to work as gigolo, together with his uncle. And the money they get,they use it for Bori. Sad things is Bori got leukemia, so due to this,Sangdoo has to work harder.
Aiya this story too long, ehm, then 1 day,Eun meet Sangdoo again but dat time, Eun already has Min Hsuk (bf and fiancée to be) and conflict happened, tons of conflicts. It makes u cry and it is really sad. Yah as I said it is happy ending story, after they face lot of arguments and all dat finally they get together and have each other and love each other until death separate them

And the thing that I want to share to u all is not the story, but a letter that is put along in this drama, which is to me, is really romantic and touching. Here is the letter

Even when life deceits you,
Don’t be sad or angry
When the sad days passes by,
A happier day will come to you
We believe that love is
The only hope in this lonesome world
The thankful people, who have allowed, yielded and permitted our love
We love you
And you will always be remembered
People that forgave our love,
We love you
From Sang Doo and Eun Hwan,
In a world without despair
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