Tuesday, June 6

survive AND live on

elow all you people there,
so, it's my first time writing here, kinda uneasy ^^ (berhubung ada yg maksa terus, huhuhuhu,kiddin' :)
since i don't know what to write, so i'm just going to write what's going on with me these days.

ok, so, there's a lot of things goin' on with my life rite now; and they are really a lot, gosh T_T
some good, some bad, whatever it is, life goes on. i'm going to share a few things that really wakened me up these couple of weeks.

1. -think it was around a month ago- Just graduated, "no more wages for you startin' next month" that's the first thing that came out of my parents mouth that day. I was like "OMG, how am i going to survive for the rest of days????" i was so panic. Thinking about the rest of the month, what if i haven't got job? what if my freelance clients don't give me any works? so on..and so on...
But the thing is,-which i myself don't understand that time- i felt like i don't have any courage to do anything, i'm intended to look for job, but i was soooo lazy to do anything....i was thinking "i'm going to rest for a week or two first"

2. -2 weeks later, if i'm not mistaken- Woke up at 11 A.M., something that i've been doing since the couple of weeks, got up from the bed -gosh, my body was so heavy :P-
The first thing i do, is checking www.soccernet.com, reading indonesian news, and get ready for breakfast. When i reached for my wallet, i realised that i don't have enough money to eat. Ok, that's just great, jobless and no money, the things that guys fear in their life. Luckily, i still have Milo and Crackers, my saviour of the day, so just grabbed them up and get ready for CGP.
CGP is a 3 days seminar, ur, not sure what it is called. It's a test to find out our own personality, what kind of man are we, bla,bla,bla...There are 2 man, 1 women who'll handle this CGP, one of them is Julian Foo, a well-known consultant in Indonesia, as well as in South East Asia i believe, whom later i found out that he's the brother of one of ISCF's member!!! The world is so small.

3. -2 weeks ago- The CGP things was going good. Julian Foo gave me several good tips on building my life. The thing is rite now, i'm so blur of where am i going in my life, what am i going to do, no idea at all. And i've felt it so strongly, that GOD has spoken to me; i'm going to a new stage of my life, something which is totally different compared to the life i'm living. Get prepared for yourself, change...If you're going to that stage of life with this condition, you'll crushed down, just like what hapenned to me 2 years ago.
I told Julian that thing and he said,
Julian: "BETUL..!!! emang bener, kamu peka ama suara TUHAN. Kamu ini tau kenapa kamu rasanya jadi pemalas? Bukan malas sebenarnya, tapi kurang praktek. Kamu orangnya terlalu idealis, maunya semua ada, baru jalan, ga bisa gitu...Jalanin apa yg ada dulu, Tuhan pasti bukain satu2. Karena terlalu lama nunggu, kamu jadi hilang motivasi, makanya ga semangat kerjain apa2, karena ga ada wadah untuk kamu bekerja, merealisasikan mimpi kamu. Kalo ga ada wadah itu, ya ciptain sendiri dong. ok."
Alex: "ok deh...um, kak Julian, ini CGP bisa ga seh tentuin orang itu cocoknya kerja apa, ato gmana gitu deh..."
Julian: "oh, bisa dong...."
Alex: "mau tau dong"
Julian: "oh, untuk kamu ga boleh, karena kamu orangnya kalo dikasi tau, reaksinya cuma "ooh..ok". Kamu suka nonton kan? Kan ga seru kalo da tau ending nya, lebih seru kalo ikutin. Pokoknya kamu ikut rel nya TUHAN aja, pasti nyampe tujuan."

Ok, so that struck me pretty hard, a loud wake up call. And there's one voice in my head going "now you believe me? what did i tell you?"
So, at least now i know that i'm going to do then...First thing first...!! going to bed, it's night time, and i'm tired.

4. -12 days ago- I'm broke, my balance on the ATM screen shows RM 50.10, great, and i still go to attend E.R. which'll cost me RM160, that's the price i knew that time. But it's okay, my "child" come first, so i decided to go. And from that moment, great things just happened in my life until now.

to be continued....(guess this's long enough, bet you guys got bored already :)
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  • At June 06, 2006 11:08 PM, Blogger .::LiZzZ::. anak marmut said…

    aiehei,, ga bored laa,, blessed actually,,, keep on blogging, besides, God will make a way 4 u.,,

  • At June 07, 2006 11:48 AM, Blogger C'Tephen said…

    ternyata begitu keadaamu lex...

    mbok ya ngomong tah...

    kan g bisa bantu support Mie Sedap ke bawah...

    Craker?? ada tuh di kamar gue kakaka

    Milo? kalo milo ga ada yang adanya Horlick mau ga? kakaka

    sep sep


  • At June 08, 2006 1:10 PM, Blogger lies said…

    burunk..mana lanjutannya,i wanna know,wat happen next...
    dun worrie,He knows wat He is doin.He will gives His childwat is the best lec..so dun worrie
    1 Pet 5:7
    'serahkanlah segala kekuatiranmu kpd Nya,sebab Ia yg memelihara kamu'
    'Sebab itu gnlah kamui kuatir dan berkata apakah yg akna kami pakai>apakah yg akan kami minum?apakah yg akan kami pakai?smua itu dcr bangsa yg tidak mengenall Tuhan,akan ttp Bapamu yg di sorga tau,bhw kamu memerlukan smua itu'

    all d best lec...

    post lagi yahh


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