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helow there,
ok,so,this is part II of my previous post.

1. -25 May 2006- A day before E.R., after we have a gathering @ office for E.R.preparation, I saw Dora returned Ronald a darn thick novel (around 1000+ pages), so I asked what is it. It turned out to be Eiji Yoshikawa's TAIKO (a true historic story about Japanese man who united the Japan kingdom), the same guy who wrote Musashi. The first reason I borrowed it because it's Eiji Yoshikawa who wrote it. So,went back and start to read it.
It's funny how GOD can use anything -anything means ANYTHING- to speaks to us, to teaches us, to remind us. That's what happened to me, so the hero in TAIKO called Hideyoshi, whose characteristic really captured my attention. His characteristics are really amazing, I myself as so called a Christian had to be really ashamed of him. A short story of him; Hideyoshi came from a very poor farmer family at a time of war in Japan, he has a monkey-liked face, so everyone called him "monkey, monkey" But he never ever complained, and cut short the story, he travelled around Japan to serve a master and become a samurai, and eventually, thanks to his intelligence and his character, he became the first man to unite Japan under his hand. So the things that I wrote down about Hideyoshi are:
- Hard Working (when others sleep, he works, when he can't sleep, he works)
- Never Complain (I haven't read about he complaining; although he's poor as heck, although people called him monkey, although he's in the lowest point of his life. He NEVER complains about his life)
- Honest and Sincere to his masters (100% gave his life and strenght to serve his masters)
- Clever and Cool-headed (never ran out of idea, when facing enemy, surrounded by enemies. Always have a brilliant strategies to ran off or defeat enemies; note that he came for poor low class society, never attend school)
- Humble (although his career rapidly set off, he always has respect for the eldery or the respected leaders)
- Love his family (as the Bible wrote; those who respect their parents will have longlife at earth)

2. -26-28 May- Er, nothing much to say about E.R., as usual, amazing things happen. One thing that I agreed with koEd; when we attented E.R. we are not only blessed others, but we ourselves will be strengthened more and be blessed more. (Give and you'll received)
Ok, one more thing I would like to say is: Lipink, your voice rock...!!!! YYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH...!!!!! giahahahahahahaha....

3. Return from E.R., continue reading TAIKO, and I decided, I should be like Hideyoshi, never complain about his life, always do what he can do. Amazing things I encountered afterwards:
- I found out that I don't have to pay the full amount of the E.R., hah!!! How 'bout that...although I won't have any more money in my ATM.
- A week ago, I was worshipping and praying, then a prayer that I often said, but I never really understand it until that day. Many of us can say grace and thankful for what we have, but how about what we DON'T have? Could we still be thankful for that? That very night, I said those prayer with full heart, and I am so relieved, no burden, no sad story of being broke, no money, no job. I leave it to GOD, and just do my best to look for job.
- Last whole week, RM2 is the only money I have in my wallet. But GOD is really amazing, somehow I just can survive and eat, giahahahhaha...For the whole 1week!!! Thanks to those people that blessed me ^^
- Dora went back to Medan the day after E.R., that Monday, I called her and told her I can't go to the airport coz I was having light fever. And then, she gave me RM300; as my parents told her. Hiahahhaha..just enough to pay back my loan. (The week before E.R., I closed my Fitness First account, and I got back RM 400 over!!! Enough to buy few household things and spare RM200 to pay my RM500 loan)
- My dad called me 3 days ago and asked "how much do want?" giahahahhaa...Actually, my parents have decided not to give me any allowance anymore, I had to look for myself. I only replied "cincai lah pa..." And yesterday I received more than enough.

So, rite now I'm still praying for my "investasi iman" and job. I really don't have that amount of money!!! I wonder what got into me when I wrote down the amount, giahahahhaha...But with faith, I believe I can do it.
(Ini bener2 janji iman, janji yang beriman :)

4. So that's about it, all I can say is "GOD always ON TIME, never too fast, never too late"
Be thankful for everything, good or bad situation. Never complained about anything, just be grateful. Look at the positive side of every events in our life.

-ok, guess it's darn long enough, hope we learned something and be blessed-

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  • At June 09, 2006 12:13 AM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    Wow! Your post has really2 opened my eyes... and I just realise that I would face that kind of situation as well in the future... sooner or later, but obviously not rite now so I guess I'm still too comfort now. So pardon me okay?! Hahaha

    Anyway, nice story and please enlighten us with some more postings LOL really2 bless me and of coz others too.

    NB: Dun worry, nobody would dare to call u 'monkey' Muahahaha .... ~ Cheers! ~

  • At June 10, 2006 1:33 AM, Blogger .::LiZzZ::. anak marmut said…

    bole kli digedein tulisannya,,, gratis kok


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