Wednesday, August 16

just cape

6 pm rite now, and i was just reaching home at that time,,, have to be at school from 9 to this hour,,, ooo wednesday is really killing people,,,

this morning, i got a lecturer for the proffesional std, have to make a good cv for future use,,, then one of the most 'i scared' lecturer came to show us about what is a creative cv are,,, well actually, it were quite far from what i thought it was,,, i thought creative cv as just a simple graphical normal size cv, but appearantely its not,,, its more and so more more more beyond than that,,, imagine that the lecturer tell us a sample, of someone who send her cv into the agency 7 days with 7 different items in a row, which is first, her shoes, her pantyhose, her skirt, then her shirt, her jewels, and last one is her lingerie,,, this kind of stuff,, attracted people to think, who is exactly this girl, its create peoples attention,,,, this just that hard to slip into kind of big advertising agency, its just that, we have to think beyonddd,, think beyond the boxxxxx,, aheiheiehie,,,

my thought was, wow,,, that so hard, then its quite makin me "jiper" in some way,, is it possible for me to get a good job in good position? haiyoooo,,, this one really get me almost "pee on my pants" hahahah,,, ga deng, tapi beneran,,, been thinking this quite a while, what should i do after this? i should make some arrangement to my life, even its just a brief,, but at least i gotta have something, but then what? :(

then the 2nd class today is the design std class, well,, i come to class,, without nothing hanging on my head, this is emergency matter, today i have to come up with 3 promotional ideas for my product, but then, there's nothing,,, even seupil kupil pun ga ada,,, just trying and push my self to finish it, but then,, the lecturer is not in his very good mood, then everything that have been shown to him, being rejected, that's what he was, moody,,,

hahha,,, just funny, how sometimes people in artistic department will actually using their moods for doing their job, while people who works in finance or something more serious department will have to push their emotional stuff to the very end, because, if you were using ur mood when u counting on something, then might be loss in the company,,, but in the artistic sides,, sometimes bad mood can also become an idea itself, such as,,, glenn,,, he make many of a heartbroken song, he was broken at that time, but hey, people buy his bad mood,,,

i dunno why my emotion are so flat at the moment, just flat flat flat.... dunno what to say, not happy, not sad, its just flat,,, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • At August 17, 2006 11:11 PM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    wew cum please dont u ever include any of your kutangs or your pants with your pee in your CV if u wanna get a job...

    anyways, u said that u r in a flat mood aight?! then why dont u turn it into an idea as well?! LOL just give you a "NOTE" that is really GAZEBO alias Ga Zelas Bo!!!


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