Friday, May 5

The very first post!

Welcome welcome! Hehe ayo ngeposttt !!!
Hello hello semuanya! Welcome to the infamous GilisampengLand !!!
Kakakaka lagi iseng aja nih dapet ide bikin ginian... ikut2an yang laen :P
Silaken mulai ngepost yah... everything deh that u guys feel, u guys have been through today, anything funny or even gossips... and the most basic rule is: each post must have at least a picture/photo or whatever... just put anything! well, I'll start this first entry lar ...

Well ... nothing happen today and yesterday, the last thing that was interesting is our trip to Genting. Yayyyy!!! And you know what, it was Pink's first time ever to Genting since ages she has studied in Malaysia! Wow people, that must have been reported to Ripley's Believe it or not huh?! (Even Ripley wont believe it!) Well... yeah it sounds too much i know wakakkakakak... (honestly it's my second time as well :P). So congrats to Pink who has finally been able to step on Genting! Hoorayyy!

The trip was okay, except it was raining... damn! We took a bus there and arrived at the skyway transfer station to take a cable car to go up. After a while, we realised that there was something different... and what really turned us off was that we were in Awana Skyway, it was a different station where we used to go for a cablecar-ride. The car or train or whatsoever you call it was so old,small, lame, and ugly-shaped. We even have to wait for another group to go first because the car can only carry like 7-8 people, and even worse there was only one car that goes back and forth to the uphill. The car has only 4 little seats, so we had to stand up letting the older to sit (what a good kid we are!). Well, poor Pink... she missed the joy of the cable car where the fun part (for me personally) is looking at the haze when we are going almost to the near end of the hill. It was like you are going through the clouds entering the gate of heaven *sigh*.

After that we started our job as a 'so called tour guide' for Pink. The outdoor park was still raining, so we were stuck inside and started to do our narcist-work which is our top reason to go there, i guess... We only played like 4-5 games there because of the weather, but it didn't bug us from enjoying the trip especially with Miss Cumi that always act and do silly things, Pink that never loose her appetite every time we pass a food kiosk, Tepen that always came out with his "great" idea, and me myself that is a good, nice and innocent little mama's boy LOL (please don't puke)

Here is some of our very funny picture that we took that day, you can refer to the descriptions that I mention above :D Feel free to judge!

Okay guys... it's the end of the story... so stop expecting others to post first, start your own post and let us read your story okehhh bebehhhh?! Yasuwwww....

Ganteng, out! Ciaoooooooooooooooowwwww
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