Tuesday, May 9

An Island of Memories

Many people asked me about the reason why I use the word 'GilisampengLand' as the title of this blog... Well, basically it doesn't mean anything, it's just simply a street name in Indonesia where cumi lives. I don't even know where it is located and as far as I know, none of the people I met have ever heard about that name... Yes, it sounds funny and maybe it's a very remoted place, well... who cares anyway :P cumi, please dont be offended! However, because of the uniqueness of the name, behind that there are lots of memories that we've shared everytime I heard about the word 'Gilisampeng'... some of them are funny to be remembered and some others keep valuable lessons that we can always learn from our friendship. To be honest, it might be the first time I learn and feel about a true friendship, and that is from you guys. Thanks for being there in every single problems that each of us had faced. Okay, I'm gonna stop this sentimental speech.

Okay people! I can guess what you guys are going to think when you see this blog at the first time. It seems childish, time-wasting and lame, yes I agree. Before I made this, actually I was planning to re-continue to start my own blog after a few years haven't been blogging. I got the idea from my friend that is so active in blogging and when I read her posts, it seems interesting when people get to share their point of view written in their blogs. But what is a blog without other people reading it?! What is the point of writing when you, yourself, are the one who read it at the end?! So I decided to make a blog which is contributed by a bunch of people that could share common things and others can give a feedback of what they wrote about. So here we are, in a remoted island (please be imaginative) called GilisampengLand ! Tadaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (background music: Trumpet voice)

I know some of us still meet each other frequently and we could talk anything when we hang out together, but there are just some things that we might not be able to talk face to face isn't it? I figure out that it's easier when we could just type it down whatever we want to say without facing the person directly. For others that are already far away back there, we can still share our things here, and everybody could read it. This way, we can still support each other and keep our friendship without being limited by distance or time. Well, it's simply just a small vision but I hope that this blog will remain until we are separated with our own business in the future.

God Bless America GilisampengLand !
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  • At May 09, 2006 2:59 AM, Blogger lies said…

    yuyu..i agree with wat u wrote..the purpose of this blog. actually this is quite interesting lah,never thought the 'fun' side of this kind of blogging..hehe
    ya..hopefully through this blog,sumhow we still keep in touch and shre our things,even now we r far far away...
    i believe dat our friendship is not only until the time we graduate and separate from each other..because we r friends and will be forever..rite?

    'the one whose missin u all'


  • At May 09, 2006 11:19 AM, Blogger .::LiZzZ::. anak marmut said…

    i'm touched my dear friend, wkkakakaka,,,

  • At May 09, 2006 12:03 PM, Blogger C'Tephen said…

    what a swiiitttt bloggg.... oh man... i wannnaaaa cry... so happy sad... adoh maksudnya itu terharu... kakaka


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