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Yesterday --> Today --> Future

Hello guys... let's see above words.

Yeap they are "Yesterday --> Today --> Future",
Well it simply just a ordinary word, that people hear it very often.

Actually if we thinking deeply about it, there will be a guidelines or pathways how do we will be a "person" (baca: orang) in the next few years.

well... Yesterday means the past, what you did, yeah obviously it's more about history.
let's have the yesterday stories as a experience so your today and future , you could do better or make a better "life story".

The transition from Yesterday --> Today, there is "have done". What you have done from yesterday until today is the best thing in your life, because Lord always gives us the best thing even you think that's a bad thing. Givethank to our Lord for everything he has given to us.

Today, what to do today? yeap, that must be a question when u start your day or the day before you starting today. What to do today is depend on what you have decided yesterday or before you do the activity (apa yang anda lakukan sekarang itu akibat dari keputusan yang anda ambil kemarin atau sebelum anda melakukan aktifitas tersebut). So, decide well before you do an activity.

Trasition from Today --> Future, there must be a word "Will"
what i will do the next day? what i will be the next few years? when i will marry? who will be my wife?. "Will" is more about planning time, surely we have to plan anything and send your planning list to our Lord, let Him approve and support it.

Future, future no question about it. Future is more talking about a vision, what's your vision "you guys all"? Vision is more about what you'll be doing...
yeap of course it's more talking about your proffesion, work, job, or etc.

Let me conclude all of this "Diamond" or it will be "rubish" (kalo cm sekedar dibaca doank) to you all,

Yesterday: Just let yesterday as your teacher who just tell you to do a good thing and give you an experience so you can do everything better. "Jangan hidup dimasa lalu, tetapi belajarlah dari masa lalumu". Jadi, biarkanlah masa lalumu mendukung semua yang baik di masa sekarang ini dan masa yang akan datang, biarlah semua hal2 yg menyakitkan/ negatif yang pernah dirasakan di masa lalu itu dihilangkan (lupain kepaitannya), hanya sisakan cerita ttg hal2 menyakitkan/negatif itu untuk menjalani hidup yg lebih baik.

The transition: This is what we called a process. Since, anything what we have done until today is the best thing even we think that's a bad thing, obviously that's the meaning of the process. When we feel that's a bad thing, actually that's not, God's certainly have a plan for you. maybe the bad thing is for you to be more depending/surrending to God.

Today: Today's works will impact to the next day works. So what do you do today will affect what you will do tomorrow. So, do what can be done today (Kalo bisa dikerjain hari ini, kenapa harus menunda sampai besok!!!). For example: an assignment, supposely today you finish your assignment and the next day you suppose going to church. Then today you can't finish your work because you are watching movie or FSing (melihat FS ga abis2) or writing a blog hihihi... well you don't finish the assigment and certainly you will miss assignment today and Church the next day beacuse of you are doing a assignment for next day.

The transition: Well.. this is the most important part. What you are doing today is the step to your vision. let's say you want to be a Graphic Designer, so then learn from now how to be a good Graphic designer by do the best in your assignment or any source which can increase your skill.

Future: Sounds interesting. Congratulation, u have step to the last. Done a good work.
One thing to remember, as we know we life by God's love, but don't think God will provide everything for you and you just receive what ever He gives. Life is about choices, so select the right choice. Don't flow.... set your goal, be focus, and surely you can receive what you want and of course what God want.

Maksudnya kita harus berusaha mencari apa yang kita mau dan apa yang Tuhan mau, disaat kita berusaha mencari apa yang kita dan Tuhan mau, Tuhan pasti mendukung setiap pekerjaan yang baik yang akan anda lakukan.

to be updated... mo kelas dulu...
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  • At May 09, 2006 1:58 PM, Blogger Yuyu said…

    woi sendirinya ga ada pic ngomongin org ... (-_-;)a

  • At May 10, 2006 12:40 AM, Blogger lies said…

    wat a 'deep' blog..i have to read it over and over..try to understand.. but this is very berisi... gud gud gud..jadi terilhami..hehe..
    thx penpen ku cayang...


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